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National Institute of Polar Research
10-3, Midori-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-8518, Japan


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[Members of the NIPR SHRIMP Laboratory]

[Director of Polar Research Resource Center, NIPR]

Name Position title & Academic degree Scientific field Special Interesting
Tomokazu Hokada[Profile Professor, Ph.D. Geology and petrology ・Deep crustal processes including high-temperature and ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism, geofluid activity and crustal melting.
・Behaviour of accessory minerals, and its implications for the linkage beteen geochronology and geochemistry.
・Neoproterozoic-early Paleozoic Gondwana supercontinent formation and evolution in view from Antarctica and the surrounding regions.
・Crustal processes and history in Archaean.


Name Position title&Academic degree Scientific field Special Interesting
Kenji Horie[Profile Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Isotope geochemistry ・Research of elemental migration behavior using isotopic tracer
・Development of in-situ high-precision U-Pb isotopic geochronology
・Research of continental evolution process
Mami Takehara[Profile Project Researcher, Ph.D. Isotope geology ・Improvement of analytical precision and development of analytical method of U-Pb geochronology using SHRIMP
・Invesitigation of fine timescales of magma process by high-precision U-Pb zircon geocholonology